When encumbered by negative thoughts, think of positive ones.
— The Sutras Of Patanjali, Sutra #2.33

Eavesdrop on any conversation today at your gym, local restaurant, bar, playground, whatever.…and it's very likely that you will at some point hear something like this, "Ugh, I feel so fat today...I ate too much last night...do you see this wrinkle…I need Botox….my back is killing me…I am so stressed out…you look great but I look like crap..." and on and on and on.  These conversations are contagious, spreading the disease of negativity.  Our society's obsession with fitness is also leading to more injuries than ever before.  It is time to DEFY this madness and start to enjoy life.

The DEFIANT Mission

DEFIANT YOGA's mission is to help people feel good about themselves again from the inside out.   We are wasting precious time worrying about stuff that doesn't matter.  Because guess what...this life is a gift, and it is temporary so we need to enjoy the present without worrying that we do not live up to some crazy ideal.  One of the yoga sutras says "When encumbered by negative thoughts, think of positive ones."  Sure, easier said than done.  But the more we do it, the easier it gets.