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DEFY Clutter

My DEFIANT thought this week, especially for USR residents ; DEFY clutter. Yesterday as I  surveyed the crap I lugged to the curb for the USR bulk trash pick up tomorrow, I felt a natural high (yes, this was before happy hour).  It’s amazing how getting rid of junk helps clear the junk in the mind.  

It's ok not to be busy!

Have you ever found yourself alone, without your phone or other mobile device?  It's scary!  Studies are showing that people today are afraid to be along with our own thoughts, even for just a few minutes.    Our mobile devices and our constant need to feel busy and productive give us no breaks during the day, and this causes us to avoid our feelings and even cramps creativity.  We need to DEFY these distractions and take down time every day.  Read more about this in the 7/27 NYT article "No Time to Think" by Kate Murphy.



We should ALL be thinking this way...

Love this article "Moms, put on That Swimsuit" by Jessica Turner in the 6/26 edition of Huffington Post.  The mom in this article is speaking the DEFIANT YOGA doctrine.  In our vain and superficial culture we miss out on so much fun and so many special moments because we think we do not look perfect enough.  DEFY this craziness!


Perfect example of what we need to DEFY...

Check out this article, "The Enduring Promise of a Thinner You" in 5/31 biz section of the New York Times.  It talks about a new machine that zaps fat out of you in 20 minute treatments.  The sessions cost between $200 and $1000 and the machine is estimated to make profits in the hundreds of millions.  The machine is not targeted towards the obese, but thin, fit women who just have some "problem areas."

Just what we need...one more expensive, time consuming treatment with unproven side effects.