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My first introduction to yoga was more than 20 years ago. I have taken many classes, had many teachers, practiced many styles. Jen has given me the gift of realizing that yoga is about self acceptance not just self improvement. Her expertise, patience and warmth as a teacher makes the student want to work harder. I always leave her classes feeling a sense of accomplishment. And her music choices are awesome!
— Zahara D., Hillsdale, NJ
In practicing yoga for over 15 yrs and with a wide array of instructors, I’ve found Jen to be one of the most knowledgable teachers with a completely individualized approach. My primary goal is to increase/maintain flexibility to augment my daily routine of cross-training and various athletic pursuits (skiing, golf, tennis, basketball, etc). Jen instantly understood my goals and worked with me to achieve them, in both a small group or one-on-one setting. I highly recommend her for any level of practice.
— Greg B., Upper Saddle River, NJ
Jen is a warm and inspiring teacher who pays careful attention to alignment and mechanics. Her flows are dynamic and well sequenced. Her playlists are fabulous. The view from her studio makes you feel peaceful and connected with nature. My body always feels absolutely fabulous after taking her class.
— Margot, Upper Saddle River, NJ
I took my first class with Jen of Defiant Yoga a few months ago. From the moment I walked into her studio I felt the friendly, warm environment. Not only did Jen discuss a great topic that day, but her calming voice lead to a great first class. One of my favorite parts of class is when Jen adjusts me and always makes sure I am in the correct position. Her personal attention is refreshing and makes you feel like you are her only student. I look forward to continuing my practice with Jen Kraft at Defiant yoga!
— Phyllis C., Upper Saddle River, NJ
I am such a good sore from class yesterday...I wish I could take DEFIANT YOGA every day!
— Laura B. Los Angeles, CA
Practicing Yoga with Jen in her beautiful studio, serene setting and great music is always a great way to start your day. She is a wonderful instructor and always helps to adjust you just right. My yoga has improved since practicing with Jen and I always walk out of her class invigorated and a bit taller.
— Amy S., Upper Saddle RIver, NJ
I am much stronger now than I was when I first started yoga – and that is because of Jen. She challenges you in ways you never thought a workout could. An avid runner and spinner, I felt the need to be constantly moving. I took a hot yoga class to help with poor circulation issues I had been having and couldn’t believe the difference in both my mind and body. Jen’s devotion, core strength, great music and adjustments throughout class make me look so forward to the next time and she is always so considerate of her students. She is a GEM.
— Felice N., Upper Saddle River, NJ
After 20 years of running and rarely, if ever, stretching, I walked into DEFIANT YOGA severely challenged in the areas of flexibility and agility. I could barely touch my toes — and found many poses to be daunting and difficult. I felt quite discouraged about my situation and was tempted to give up — but Jen’s positive reinforcement and highly personalized approach to progression (in a friendly small group environment) kept me coming back! Jen is so in tune with proper form and alignment - not only did I find myself improving in regular yoga practice, but I am now more conscious of my body and positioning in any kind of exercise situation, or even just day-to-day tasks! I feel incredibly fortunate to have Jen as an instructor....her dedication to her students and their individual needs is simply beyond.
— Shadee B., Upper Saddle River, NJ

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